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6 inch Ring Light With Tripod Stand

6 inch Ring Light With Tripod Stand

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Enhance your photography and studio lighting with the 6 Inch Ring Light and Tripod Stand. This compact and versatile lighting solution is designed to elevate your photo and video shoots with ease. The dimmable LED lamp offers adjustable lighting conditions, enabling you to capture subjects with precision and clarity.

Complete with a sturdy tripod stand, this ring light is the perfect companion for on-the-go photography or studio sessions. Achieve professional-grade content, create stunning portraits, and enjoy the flexibility of dimmable lighting to match your unique style and requirements. Elevate your photography with the 6 Inch Ring Light and Tripod Stand – your gateway to perfect illumination.


Brand Name: SH

Origin: Mainland China

Color Temperature: 3300-5600 K

Lighting Type: Ring Light

Package: Yes

Bundle: Bundle 1

Certification: CE

Features 1: SH 6 inch Ring Light With Tripod Stand



It is ideal supplementary product for Live Streaming,YouTube video recording.

Dimmable: It can be adjustable in 3200K-5600K,suitable for long-time shooting.

USB Plug Powered:ring light power can be connect with computer,mobile power etc.

High Compatibility:The interface is M1/4'' screw hole,it can be used with most mini light stand.


Shape: Ring

Light: Warm and Cold Light

Outer Diameter: 15.5 cm

Inside Diameter:10cm

Color Temperature: 3200K-5600K

Total Power: 5W

Dimmable: YES

Dimming range: 1%-100%

Adapter: USB

Package A

1x 6 inch ring light ( USB Plug)

1x black tripod

Package B

1x 6 inch ring light ( USB Plug)

1x pink tripod

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