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Elegant Food Shop 3D Art Craft

Elegant Food Shop 3D Art Craft

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Product features:

The cottage is like a miniature version of a real house, so cute!
The material of the hut is like that of a real house, for example, the cabinet is made of wood, the curtain cloth head is made, and the books are made of paper head!
Fully exercise your hands-on ability. Almost all scenes need to be made by yourself! The production process is fun& nbsp;

Production instructions:

1. Detailed instructions are attached to the product package. Before making, you can prepare a set of auxiliary tools, such as scissors, tweezers, ruler, etc. for measuring.

(the product does not contain tools, u glue, couple dolls, cats and other accessories. Please contact customer service if necessary).
2. Create your own cottage mainly through DIY processes such as polishing, embedding, bonding, assembling, coloring, sewing, modeling and placing.
3. The raw materials inside are divided into several packets according to the material, which can be made in several times. It takes about three hours to several days to complete a finished product (depending on the individual's manual proficiency).

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